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Camp Clements

We will be heading back to Doyle, TN once again to Camp Clements

Camp Clements Website

Our dates are June 27th - July 1st 

The Camp are at the bottom of the page. There is an informational form to help with packing, a sample schedule, Parent Permission form, and the Student Med/Part/Code of Conduct form. 

If you attended State Convention this year - you do NOT need to complete the Code of Conduct/Medical Release form.

Official Dress is optional per Camp Clements yet as a chapter I recommend you bring it if possible.  Also, we should have the opportunity to take pictures in OD for those wanting to serve as officers this year.


**They will have the "snack shack" this year so you may want to bring money for that.

You can bring your own snacks/drinks to have in the cabin also.




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TWRA # Instructions
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Parent Permission Form
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Student Med/Part. Form
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Camp 2021 Information
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