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Large Animal Science:
     Hey everyone I hope you are staying safe at home from all of this mess! I know I have been. In the links below it will have everything you need to continue your learning at home. If you have any problems and need to contact me, please feel free to do so! I have tried to make it where you could follow as long as easily as possible. I miss you guys dearly and please stay at home! 


Large Animal Science ppt Dana Mills 8/25/2017 553 KB
Large Animal - Cattle ID Dana Mills 11/1/2017 1049 KB
Cattle Breeds Dana Mills 11/1/2017 4891 KB
Large Animal Science-Herd Health Dana Mills 11/1/2017 742 KB
Large Animal - Herd Management Dana Mills 11/1/2017 636 KB
Ag Power & Equip: tool, parts, equipment Dana Mills 11/1/2017 3438 KB



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