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Small Animal Science
Students may use their phone or the school computers.

Animal Health - Click on the Disease Powerpoint below - Take notes through Cat Diseases

HOMEWORK - HOW DO YOU THINK DISEASES ARE SPREAD - Write a half a page from you notes that tells the most common way diseases are spread. Due December 7th, 2017

There may be a test on Thursday

August 10th - Chapter 2 Safety
  Define terms on page 15

August 14th

August 21st 
Define terms on page 2
Write Questions & Answers on page 13

Sept 5th
Chapter 5 Vocab 27 words

Sept 12th

 Create a career poster. Give all the information you can find about the career. Example -  Title of job, education or training needed, skills needed, three Colleges that offer your future career, degree and major at each college, skills needed, average salary and job duties. You must include a drawing or picture.  The poster must include color and be neat. The 11*17 white paper is on the tall bookshelf in the back of room.

Day 2 & 3 – Look at the review questions on page 59

Choose one of the 13 questions to answer by creating a poster

Sept 19th

Sept 25th
ACT - Find 12 words that are not commonly used in chapters 1 - 6 of All Creatures Great and Small.  Write the word and define.


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