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Emily Schneider

Minutes January 24,2018

  • Beginning balance $10,216.47

    • Accounts payable $2,398.02

    • Working balance $10,571.78

  • Upper and Lower Skills Mrs . Mills and Mr. Swayne discussing the date for informational meeting.

  • Poultry Judging Competition is April 12,2018

  • Coon Hunt: Half profit going to BJ

    • $50 For a 2 man team

    • Flyers need to be put up in stores ASAP once we get them

    • We have to get prizes for the hunters 1st, 2nd ,3rd and biggest coon by Feb 10

      • Ashton TSC

      • Marley Stockdales

      • Preston Haddas

      • Taylor Hatchie River Outfitters

    • Hunters need to be back by 11:30 PM

    • Mr. Swayne getting scale to weigh the coons

    • Potluck style

    • Reg starts 4-5

    • Taking donations

  • FFA Week :

    • Monday: NO SCHOOL

    • Tuesday: Tractor Tuesday

    • Wednesday : no dectied

    • Thursday : Thank A Farmer

    • Friday : FFA Day

    • Meeting Jan 31 for decusse Ag Olympics

  • Chapter Meeting there is none


Strawberries order form coming soon!


January 8,2018

  • State Degrees Montana Dye, Cody Howard

  • Greenhand Ceremony February  23,2018?

    • Need to print out applications

  • Goodwill tour Feb.  @ Martin

  • TLC Feb. 19-20 in Murfreesboro $40

  • Maryselle looking up strawberries info and calling the company for fundraiser for state convention

  • Coonhunt possible dates are Jan 27 , Feb 3 Feb 9

Minutes November 29,2017
Treasure Report (Preston Cline): Beginning Nov 1 $17,57.24 balance Nov 29 $18,639.24 Accounts Payable $3,890.02  Chamber of Commerce: 2 Red Seeders Christmas trees for Dec 8 other one they are using to decorate they are donating to chapter.(Swayne)  Chapter Meeting: December 7 Ashton asking crowson Maryselle making both slideshows. Marley icebreaker Request for the gym for the meeting, try to give all officers info for what they are saying before the meeting. Jeans, and Officer button down. Santa hat and putting emblems on them. Members of the month: Paker McNair (hat) and Michael Smith (T-shirts hunting for BJ)  Christmas Party: Dec 19  Able to attend officers, cde  participants  Potluck. Dirty Santa Price limit $20.00. Make Invitations for the party Officers and cde participants and livestock showers. Need the week and a half before Dec 5-7  Christmas Cards: On the square in Covington. In Christmas sweater. Taking the pictures on December Chapter t-shirt: Will be in suppose to be dec 7 Wildlife week shirts for sell 5s  1m 2l Mrs. Mills doing horse judging comp Dec 22. Clinc Jan16,2018 Can Tabs for St. Jude Ronald Mcdonald house Livestock picture during Christmas potluck State Degree online only due Jan 25,2018 

Minutes September 26, 2017





  • Officer bio on website needs to be uploaded by 9/29/17

  • Officer retreat plan is to come to school on October 15 to plan out the POA, backup date is November 5,  then later on mabe going to the boy scout camp COPE for leadership training.

  • CDE’s coming up are livestock judging , parli pro, OC. We need to make flyers to hang up over school. Ashton has templates for them

  • Pumpkin sales:    

    • 2 Officers staying and selling pumpkins on the highway, need to make a calendar.

    • Prices range from $3-10

  • Corn Maze cut out ,making tshirts saying “event crew” need a PO

Grade: 12th
       My favorite CDE is poultry judging. I have always like chickens and in this CDE we get to judge chickens. We always have fun in our practices , and we get to eat the chicken after practice. Another CDE I like is livestock judging. In livestock judging we judge sheep, pigs, and goats. Its always good to know how to judge animals properly.

My SAE is home and community development. In this SAE I help out in my community volunteering my hours to better my community. I help my mom at the nursing home she works at, I also help my church with different things lie Hunter D. Stafford, Grovestock , and many other things my church does  

 My favorite FFA memory is hard to pick but I would have to say that it's from freshmen year when we won state in Opening and Closing Ceremonies. We worked fro almost two years for this CDE and it paid off



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